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Dalan Rentals

Dalan Rentals was established in 2021 and grew to lease all of Dalan’s market-rate units in New York City. The portfolio now spans over 2,000 units in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The team is staffed with both in-house leasing agents and a renewals manager who only work on Dalan related buildings. The Rental team works closely with the Asset Management team in utilizing artificial intelligence, conversion ratios, statistical analytics, and amenity values to increase occupancy and drive top-line revenue.

Having in-house leasing allows Ownership to control and sanitize leasing data in real time and make proactive pricing decisions on renewals and units on market. Pricing is updated daily and the team works to optimize the lease expiration curve. 

For more information on Dalan Rentals, please reach out to: Rentals@DalanRe.com